“If you are not in the search results of employers” – You don’t exist


Jobs99 helps you in identifying the gaps in your approach in getting noticed by the right employer, consultants, employment agencies, Independent Recruiters, Communities, Portals and key references across employees working in Organizations.

The process of profile optimization covers series of editorial, Industry, and Role-driven essentials which directly brings your profile in the top relevant searches of the employer, we repeat “Relevant Profile” searches of the employer and works significantly in lines with recruiter’s Intelligence.


Profile Optimization is Paid Service and covers 3 major steps to land you across the interviewers at your preferred location, industry, and role.

Step 1 – Resume Optimization

Content and complementing keywords make your profile more relevant and entice the employers to shortlist your resume and further give you a call for brief discussion. Jobs99 doesn’t only make your resume look good but adds a lot of substance which compliments the thinking process of recruiters and employers.

Step 2 – Online Optimization and Profile Branding

Ultimate emphasis on common grounds of job-seekers resume uploading process and Employers resume searching process.This process is the most important since you have put all your efforts is making the resume but due to lack of technical skill the right showcase of the same goes for a toss and ends up receiving irrelevant Job openings to your mail- box. Jobs99 has access to almost all the portals available in the market, hence we display your profile, matching the searching trends of employers/recruiters across your choice of industry or role.

Step 3 – One on One employer notification

This service is exclusively for Senior Level Job Seekers who authorize Jobs99 to open their profile to employers of choice on behalf of them.

Step 4 – Interview crackers and Pre-Interview mock up

We know you are good enough to crack your own Interview, but maybe a little help sometimes makes the journey easier and more informed. You can always take Jobs99 trainers and HR consultants in consideration for perfect interview answers, industry driven verbiage and impact making skills. Not only this, our Pre-interview mock-up helps you to prepare for specific interviews or employers you plan to meet before the interview.


“A real-time consulting and execution will save 80% of your time in landing at the right interviewer”

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